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Ceremony exemplifies some of the issues Native Americans, “Indians”, have had to deal with. The indoctrination from the white people came in deep for all the natives of America. The schools that the young new generation Indians went to were teaching them to let go of their Indian heritage. Young Indians were taught to follow the stereotypical American agenda; white people for war and injustice for all. Native Americans fought in a war to support a government that oppressed them. Still, the Native Americans thought they were doing what they were supposed to do as Rocky so humbly comments, “Hey, I know you’re homesick. But, Tayo, we’re supposed to be here. This is what we’re supposed to do” (8). Rocky isn’t so much like Tayo who is angry with the force that made him go to way. Rocky tried to be the all American; he played football and tried to turn away from his Indian heritage. When his family tried to give him advice he would not listen to them and instead make his judgment based on the white people’s values. This is why he thinks that he was supposed to fight in this war when really the white people raped and pillaged the natives of America in a completely desecrated their culture. The war and the white people’s influence on the Native American culture is representative of all the horrible imperialistic actions the American government has taken on so many innocent people. Tayo is so affected from the war and the death of Rocky that he has hallucinations and confuses his present reality with his past, also known as post traumatic stress disorder. This is one of the many consequences of a government that does not hold all people of all races and gender equal. In order to fight this phenomenon of human oppression we must realize that all people should be treated equally.

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