Bisexual songs, movies, and everything ever!

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not everything, that is…add to the list. One of my favorite finds from this list was Herman’s Hermits "This Door Swings Both Ways." Hilarious AND catchy!

If there’s anyone else interested, we could watch and listen to some of these and fill in the notes about how bisexual persons are portrayed :) any takers?

also i really want to see the documentary, Bi the way. only when you search for it a lot of porn comes up…

argh another tough picture choice. frida? something called "relax…it’s just sex?"

no. le guin. if you havent read this…i don’t even know. part of my ‘educate {x} about awesome stuff and anarchy so he can forget that he ever thought i was cool’ series. Frida_1.jpg (31.19 K) dispossessed2.jpg

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