“she’s probably lying in a gutter somewhere”

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don’t you love people who make fun of others who have problems with drugs? well now those people can feel even douchier than everybody knows they are, except that self-righteousness innoculates against feelings of douchebaggery. that was my nasty comment for the day.

bitch, i’m exploring for resources!

…[H]is research raises the question of whether people suffering from ADHD and conditions related to it, such as addiction, are misfits coping with a genetic legacy that was useful in the evolutionary past, but is now damaging. As society continues to diverge from that evolutionary past, the economic and social consequences of being such a misfit may become increasingly important.

link posted so you can go to original and read citations if you like, along with the economist article.



apparently genes that contribute to ADHD, alcoholism, and eating disorders were possibly more adaptive for our nomadic ancestors. since we are their relatively recent descendents, these genes haven’t been weeded out yet, and may contribute to the difficulties that some of us have faced/are currently fighting.

but hey, go ahead and talk your dehumanizing shit if it makes you feel better :)

me and my hunter-gatherer genes will survive when everything goes to shit and we have to roam the countryside searching for food.

from the economist:
Among the nomads, who wander around northern Kenya herding cattle, camels, sheep and goats, those with 7R were better nourished than those without. The opposite was true of their settled relations: those with 7R were worse nourished than those without it. [this paragraph gives me humorous thoughts of a tribe of ADD people looking for food but being distracted by butterflies and leaves and grass swaying and stuff.]

now thoughts…should i post this on myspace for douchebags to see? or just ignore the existence of douchebags? douchebag2.jpg (104.72 K) douchebag_32667.jpg

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