Save our Oceans!

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Thanks to folks like you we have collected about 5,000 notes to the Bush administration in our campaign to stop overfishing. We will deliver those comments on Sept. 22.

We’d really like to double that number and deliver 10,000 comments. To protect our oceans — from the red snapper in the Gulf to the cod off New England, to the endangered Pacific leatherback turtle and the right whale — the administration needs to hear a resounding cry from concerned folks from all across the country.

If you sent a comment already, now is the time to send this e-mail to a friend. If you didn’t send a comment, please get yours in today!

Our oceans expert, Mike Gravitz, tells me that he just got off the phone with the Fisheries Service. They said they are getting lots of comments asking them to weaken, not strengthen, the overfishing rules.

Those comments are coming from industrial fishing interests and their allies. We don’t want our side to be drowned out in this debate.

Our vision for a healthy ocean ecosystem includes vibrant populations of marine mammals like whales and dolphins, large numbers of sea turtles and sea birds, and plentiful fish and shellfish — a balanced ecosystems managed for sustainable fishing.

The fishing interests would rather keep oceans at the very edge of what industry scientists say is sustainable — an unbalanced ocean with depleted populations.

Make your voice heard today, before this opportunity passes us by!

Thanks for making it all possible.


Margie Alt
Environment America Executive Director

P.S. There is still another day or two to get your comments to the Bush administration ready for delivery. If you’ve already responded, thanks so much for your efforts. We couldn’t do this work without you.

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