weekly watchathon

Posted: October 7th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Film | 1 Comment »

Let’s do it! Every week, we should all get together in Tallahassee and wherever everywhere to watch a really terrific, mindblowing documentary. It could even inform the theme of the paper magazines we’ll be pumping out. Every week a different one of us could write the review, or we could collaborate on the reviews, either way. Before the viewing, we could have our meetings and brainstorm. If everyone statewide watched the same movie at the same time, we would have an explosion of commentary on the website regarding the film, which would be a great boost as well.

Occasionally we could do something besides a documentary, too…like just really cool movies with a progressive themes, like Stranger Than Fiction. :) I’m ready to get excited! It’s autumn! Let’s go jump in a pile of leaves together and then write about it!

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