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I almost became a physicist. I didn’t because I disagreed with a large portion of it.

For one: they still use mathematical systems that don’t really work, and they know they don’t really work, but it’s close enough and they’re fucking lazy and won’t create a system that’s accurate.

Second: I disagree with the definition of gravity. holy crap, I know I sound crazy for saying so, but I do. It makes sense in context of other theories that just as electrons belong to an atom, we belong to our planet and have a space to occupy that isn’t supposed to escape. A little bit of escape is ok, just as a little bit of intake (meteorites) is ok. (ie, it’s not because earth is big and we’re small, it’s because we’re part of the earth, duh) Our planet is too complex in terms of chemicals for it to be a bubble. My thoughts take me along a route that I just can’t put in an lj entry.

Third: I just want to write. I’ll throw my ideas out there through literature and see if some self-hating scientist wants to pick it up.

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