Food Fighters

Posted: October 16th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Environment | 1 Comment »

A New York Times Magazine Slide Show with information about several people who are helping change the face of eating.

One of them has started a website to help young people, just graduated who are fed up with rampant consumerism and don’t want to work for the man (hello!) so that they can become organic farmers.

Maybe we should have a heroes section on here, because there are so many. Here’s another of mine who just passed, a great advocate for women’s health and AIDS.

Maybe I should have gone to the Mailman School after all. I feel more drawn to global advocacy at the moment than I do to sex therapy. I think I’m going to get my Masters of SOcial Work because I’ll always have a job if I have that (although it pays the same as the one I have now) and social workers are always needed. but it sounds depressing. except for wilderness therapy.

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