Ayers, Beehive Collective, and Riot Folk in Tally!

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Thanks to CPE!!

William Ayers, the Weather Underground ‘terrorist’ who Obama supposedly palled around with, will be coming to speak at FSU on January 12 at 8pm in the Union Ballroom. Promises to be fascinating.

The Beehive Collective (http://www.beehivecollective.org/) will be coming January 21. They resist biodevestation, pollution, cultural assimilation and exploitation of workers in central/south america (the poster below is an example for their protest of Plan Colombia, which is fucking horrific. this does it no justice, as the posters are exquisitely detailed. see their site)

Then March 1-3 Riot Folks (http://www.riotfolk.org/) are coming to do presentations and workshops! I’m super excited about that :)

SWEEEEEEEEEET plan_colombia.jpg

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