Day Without a Gay Protest!!!

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Just got this message from the day without a gay protest group on facebook (

the idea is based on the day without a mexican protest.

Hey all,

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, is the day to "call in gay". There was a very short blurb in the Tallahassee Democrat on it today.
What the Democrat wire copy story DID NOT say…
If you are someone who really can’t stay off the job or out of school tomorrow….you can join those of us who are by wearing a knotted white ribbon (white=wedding, and "tying the knot"). When people ask, tell them why you are wearing it.
If you decide to skip school, work…or if you are a business owner, if you shut down tomorrow….let people know why. And then don’t just sit at home. Go do a volunteer project, and wear the knotted white ribbon (or something loud and proud).
Do NOT buy anything tomorrow. Shop, gas up, do whatever spending you need to do tonight….and if you are working tomorrow, pack a bag lunch and forego the coffee at the coffee shop.

Make an impact! love_unites.jpg (65.14 K) call_in_gay.jpg

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