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There was a man who once claimed to be able to ride a bike with no handle bars. Well, my friends, I just one uped his ass. I can ride a bike with no wheels. Yes, it does take a lot of imagination, but that is all I have left.

Side note. Global Economy. People are worried that we are going to be taken over by the Chinese. I’m not. But I also drink, smoke and eat unhealthy. I suppose I should worry about dying at 35. But, I’m not. We should all just work together. But we dont. We have crazy people all around us. Every country. News likes to just make them seem bigger than they are. There not. Money, that seems like it is important. Chinese might think so, we own them quite a bit. Lets see if they will shake ups upside down to take our lunch money. We are the country that shoots the bullies. Then becomes the bully. Then is like, everything back to normal, right mates. Just sweep that under the rug we will. Sorry. But it could also be because corporations have a major say in our country. What I am trying to say is, I have got a friend in Jesus. Seriously. Best prices on dro.

So that was my first post ever. I understand that it is mostly incoherent, and a jumble of thoughts, that may or may not be lacking emotion. What I say to you good sir or madam, time for tea?

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