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Things seem to be going very interestingly for me. I have my new job which I like very much, to my boyfriend’s disadvantage, well not really; I am just supposed to go back in a short time and if I am too happy here maybe I won’t go back. This is the problem I suppose. But I don’t want to talk about that. My classes are so interesting sometimes; I get to talk about basically anything I want; there are rules about discussing politics but sometimes, a lot of the time, it is appropriate and I really enjoy hearing what they have to say, as long as I move on quick enough or don’t make it too obvious that I am ridiculously interested in what they’ve got to say, not any more than a normal teacher should be anyways. English corners sometimes are the best because you have a lot of different students in one classroom of all different ages, well, all adults, mostly, and from different backgrounds with different ideas about the world; they vary so much it is astounding but I suppose like any other country. It is like my students are my specimens in my great social experiment but I am both the active scientist and the passive observer. I love it. For example today I had an English corner on marriage, very interesting I tell you. Some of the women felt like there is no such thing as real love, that it only seems like it before marriage then after marriage it turns into something else; one woman even said her husband loves her son more than her. And I was like, pardon me if I am rude, but do you feel like a tool? Can you believe I said that to her? Well if you know me I am sure you can believe it. And she said yes, she feels like a tool. One man said if you believe in true love then you will have it and if you don’t then you won’t and that young men don’t believe in true love but old men do. One student wanted badly to be a football player for his province but he is too old now and he was not picked because his leg was hurt at that time and it crushed his dream. First of all, I think the way China does sports needs to change; people only get one chance here to play and it is completely unfair; and I think this guy is only 27 so he isn’t even too old but in China he is; it is so whack. He needs to have another dream and his new dream is that he will make a big influence on a group of people; I can’t remember exactly what he said now but it certainly left a big impression on me and made me a little dreamy on the inside, seeing as how I have the same ambition. So I guess he was right about something else; he said women are easy to make dizzy, easy to happiness and easy to love. I really don’t agree with him but he is right in a lot of ways, just not that all women are this way but certainly a lot of them are. A lot of the women were able to acknowledge the inequality between men and women in marriage, both in the past and still today with regard to a woman being limited to the domestic sphere after marriage. Oh so many things to think about with a class like this and this is why I love this job. I get a group of people, all willing to talk to me and answer any question I want and it is a different culture than the one I grew up in which makes it even more interesting to study; I would like to study every culture but here I am with this one and the window/door is open so big for teachers here to attempt to truly understand this way of life. I can study my culture and my country sure, but I must study others. I really like that one boy student though, I really do.

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