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The arc of your dress
The shape of your body
Your mind pressing into me
Sweat, muscles, pumping
Tiring, drenched
Stupid people, always the
Stupid people
And your stupid jokes that…
Aren’t funny and no one…
Laughs, foolish girl.

There is a room waiting, where
A clown sits on a wooden
chair. Dressed up in rainbow
Wig, big red nose, blue laced up boots
Green smile and purple eyes.
Smug grin, no one can see anything.
Like looking at a flower and…
Saying it’s a star. Seeing a star.
What are you doing here? My vase
Is….lacking fundamental material
To hold a star up.

Speaking, chatter, inhale, exhale
Swarming of words, social interaction.
Pulsating with weighty meaning.
Flexing in and out ignore all.
Lose track, get micro, then macro.
Fall into your own mind, thoughts, be…
Trapped, never can you get out.
Don’t listen, cringe, hide, turn away.
Create utter oblivion; it isn’t so hard.
Already, that is all that exists.

All you can do is be quiet, stop the
Internal beast, the one that
Forces you to see what there isn’t
To create what their shouldn’t, needn’t be.
Analyze, strategize, paint, morph, melt. Die.
See it all, understand little. Choice
Of destination, choice of vision. Twilight
Midnight, stars or Hills, tumbles
Or careful precision. Everything
Mixed, one global pot, eat from all.
Impossible to try the complete magnitude
Always your senses will not be enough.
Choose your sight, mind’s eye, third reckoning.

Ceremonial garments of silk, amber lace.
Beauty in ritual, cloaked, strangled
Cut off from other races, set apart
Differentiated, pooled into a mould.
Do you fit your dress? Too tight?
Restriction is the name of the game.
I told you you would never get out.
Dose on drugs, delight in new sight
New sight. Old sight, new sight.
All questions crowding around your head.
Will satisfaction ever be granted?

Make a list of all your life’s catastrophes.
Frame it; put it on your wall, in the living room.
Don’t hide your fate, fate is what has happened
And what is left to be seen.
See more, put more up.
Put up what you don’t see.
See what you want. Make it appear.
There can be no mistake.
Determinism, free will, existentialism
Choice no choice.
Little girls, with gold on, jewelry, ready to be
Put to market; here come the men
Now to buy, enslave, rape, spread
Her legs, a quiver, the both of you, for
Two different reasons.
Sick pleasure and sick suffering.

Does life take revenge on the savage?
Who will get bitten back, will we
All suffer? From top to bottom, in
Out, all. Is forgiveness sweater still?
A flower ripped out still plants its seed.
We will grow, revenge may occur,
Serenity never sown, False pretences
Love only a fog, mystery with great remorse.
The water moves, cool, blue, wet
Splashing, spraying, rising, diminishing.
One sun one moon laid to rest
It is good night; all is dark, no stars
For our eyes can no longer
See the light.

We crawl on the beach, winged crabs
With melting thighs, soaked in butter sand
Grilled up, tossed, left out of cages.
We know not where our wings went.
We know not that we had wings.
Fried blue crabs, coddled till death
The whole world is a bubble
Earth is a self-sustaining statue
Of ever fluctuating stone, lava
Growth. Cerebral perception
Limited by the cerebral. Nobody knows.
Nobody cares. Give me my money;
Give me my food, house, let me have
Babies, the opportunity to earn in
Blindness, shrouded with bitter spurts of
Happiness, clarity or confusion
Just let me be.

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