vague spray

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I have the moon but not the sky
I am the yoke without the egg
I have the sparkle but none of the star
I have the diamonds in your eyes
They are in my pocket

I can take it all away from you
I can hear nostalgic tunes
And turn them into smells
Atrocities beckoning from past shores
We cannot wash away the sand
In our bellies and under our noses

All inclusive love munch
Bunch them all into one
Bouquet of candy tantalizing
Rusted roses
When you don’t want other people
Ever to see your groove

The fire is rising, bons usher in death
And reviving of the soul
The non-existent human essence
Lies in what we create
Calamity manifesting in circles
Under your eyes
And on your pillow
The soft one you call honey

She can’t make you
She can’t make you come
Trapped and deflated
But it is looking up
Under dawn, laying in a circle
Fumes of synthetic life
And nodes of rhythm
Fixate, under your night shade

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