The moon is behind us

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It is illuminating the sky
But we don’t look back
We watch the pebbles aground
as we meander on a forgotten
shore of plunder, piety unfound
You look like Santa
Why do you do that?
I will never understand
your hidden groves and orbicular

Danger is a masked friend
that goes to all the most-fashionable
ladies gallerias
She marches in with her bell-shaped dress
sashaying tether and thither

We live in a glass globe
The outside is dust-covered
mourning because no one looks
All are living and breathing inside
stuffed in bags with polyurethane
Taped for transit
alcoves brimmed with masters
lurking in the seaside-caves

Where do you get your Eve’s Ale?
Must you go bucket in hand to the well
Sliding the rope through your balmy fingers
See the shinny trickle and think
Life blood, circulating
How underappreciated are the elements
They follow fast-sucked down drains
Oil residue transcendence, naught
Sludge underground, visits the rat army
Flaked with soot from centuries of soil
Cataclysmic doom….
She smiles on, momentarily forgetting
Or accepting her fate

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