The Dragonfly–unfinished

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I’d love to hang around,and I Know the love is planted in my blood and bone.Inherited.
I was going farther and farther now. Everything was getting more and more familiar,the air,the smell,and the color. A middle aged woman was sitting beside a mill.She was now smiling at me. I heard her breath.
My mama. She was smiling,with an exausted smile . I laughed back,innocently. You know, now I was about 3 years old. I laughted,happily and uncertainly.
Yes, I was wandering,in a dream,wearing the image of my childhood.
I know I am different. My mama went too fast to notice someting vital. I won’t, I would rather be idle because there are so little for me too miss.
I heard from my papa in the morning. He called me Yingying,which means someting like sweetie.