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Here’s what I’ve been working on. It originally was just like "hey this would look cool" as I was staring at a rubber duck. Then it took on all kinds of meaning but I’ll let you interpret that for yourselves. I’m probably going to try again with a different background and larger more centered ducks. I’ll submit that when it’s done. Dec_Gamenight_and_etc.jpg (1.26 MB) Dec_Gamenight_and_etc.jpg

Our own art?

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Hey are we making room for any artist among us to post stuff here?

a viable question

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I suppose this could just as well have been posted in religion, but its not so much a religious question as it is a question about the mind of man, so instead it is here.
What is God is a human construct?
I believe in the devil only as the personification of evil, equally cannot I not say that maybe God is just the personification of good? ( I cannot say that I think this is the case but I do find it a fascinating thing to think about).
And even if this is the case does it make God existence any less? Does not Santa Clause actually exist to a 5 year old just because I do not believe in him? Did not someone think up the flying machine and now airplanes are a real existent part in everyday life? Maybe one day, just like the 5 year old who grows up, I will find that there is no God. But now I believe there is and he is very real to me.
I believe that it is well said in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows at the end of chapter 35. "Ofcourse it is happening in your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"


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Let us start by saying "you do not have to believe this." Let us be like alarm clocks, waking people up including our selves. But let us not leave it at waking people up. Let us then let people know that what they chose to believe should be exactly that: a choice. Let us encourage others as well as ourselves to answer the "why" not just the "what." Let us not simply ask "what do you believe?" but then ask "why do you believe.:Let us find reason behind what we believe, and if we cannot, let us then throw away those beliefs. Let us say above all else, "Do not take my word for it, or anyone else’s but instead think for yourself."

Truth and Understanding

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Here are some things my own understanding has led me to think about truth and understanding:
-We cannot fully understand any situation that is not our own. We can’t really even fully understand our own situation. Contexts are very important.
-Complete objectivity is impossible. We can only see the world through our own eyes. Yet for the sake of expanding ourselves and making life better for those we come in contact with, we must strive to be as objective as possible.
-Very few points are completely black and white; most things are gray. Political issues in particular are almost always gray areas. There is some truth to every side of the issue. The truth almost always lies somewhere in the middle, between view points and extremes.
-I’m not sure if anything limited to human understanding can be called absolute truth.

And finally a mission statement:
-We must always seek to understand but never claim full understanding.

Gray Matter

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I parade
Outside a clinic
In a checkered crowd
Of black and white

Picketing signs
Of black on white
Picketing signs
Of white on black

I parade
Outside a clinic
Inside, afraid
Sits a girl in gray

She’s pregnant
Afraid of abortion
She’s pregnant
Afraid of parenthood

By her father
Scared, inside a clinic
Sits a girl in gray

If she lies
About her father
It will destroy her
She’ll be called whore, slut, sinner

Telling the truth
About her father
It will destroy her family
They’ll live in shame, fear, suspicion

Having a baby
In those circumstances
Can it really be called
A life?

Having an abortion
In those circumstances
Can it really be called
A choice?

I parade
Outside a clinic
But does it matter
If my sign is black or white?

Picketing signs
Read "pro-life", "pro-choice"
Picketing signs
Does it matter which I hold?

I parade
Outside a clinic
Inside sits a girl
Who needs someone to see in gray

What I believe about God

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I don’t believe in a God of hatred, and condemnation, I believe in a God who loves his creation and is saddened by what his man has done to creation, but still will forgive. I don’t believe that this forgiveness and salvation is limited to a saying a certain prayer or living a certain way here on earth. I believe that death does not separate us from God. I believe in hell only as here on earth, the bad we create for ourselves, not evil that comes from God. And heaven, that can also be obtained on earth. Temporary hell and eternal heaven. And this hell, fire brimstone lake of fire hell that everybody is so familiar with that’s no where in the Bible, "hell" in the bible is almost always if not always a translation from something , such as Gehenna the big trash heap. That fiery hell comes from Dante’s Inferno. To me, hell and heaven, are ways of living. Hell, is complete seperation from "God", or love and hope for those who don’t believe in God. A life of selfishness, misery, blame, hopelessness, hatred, etc. Heaven, is connection with "God", love and hope.
A life of kindness, selflessness, love, happiness, forgiveness, hope, etc.
A life of biggerness. And how are we suppose to understand this God of so much bigger, how are we suppose to find that heavenly lifestyle? Where that is where Jesus comes in, the life he lead is an example. Life and living that’s something we can understand. Caring for others around us, loving all kinds of people no matter what society considers them, self sacrifice, future and present hope, belief in man’s potential for good. This is the life that Jesus lived. Jesus loved everyone. Jesus forgave everyone (yes it’s something that has already been done, not something we can earn). Condemnation, hell, is only temporary. To quote a book I’m involved in a study of "Heaven is full of forgiven people. Hell is full of forgiven people. Heaven is full of people God loves, whom Jesus died for. Hell is full of forgiven people God loves, whom Jesus died for. The difference is how we choose to live."
To me this is what God is, what God wants for me, love, hope, potential to do good. I’m so very very sorry that Christianity in it’s literal meaning christlikeness, has become what is has become. Because of that I do not think I can call myself a Christian in the sense of what it is now. But I do want to become Christlike, and I am in a life long process of finding that heavenlike lifestyle. Bettering myself not for the sake of religion but for the sake of hope, for the sake of love.

Writing Ides

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I’ve got a few ideas floating around and wanted to let everyone know about them. I’m writing a story about verbal abuse on children a topic that is for obvious reasons rather ignored, and the ignorance of it is what I’m writing about. I’m also planning to write some stuff about the history of environmental hazards, and homelessness in Gainesville. I’ve included more details of this in the Society and Science sections because otherwise this would have been an extremely long and confusing brainstorm.

Homelessness in Gainesville

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I’m thinking of doing a piece on the sham homeless people in Gainesville. Most of you or alteast us G-ville folk, have probably heard about Gainesville being voted as the most unfriendly to the homeless town in the US like a year or so ago. There’s another issue behind this besides snobby government. I heard about something probably over a year ago that disgust me in this topic. Apparently there is a whole organization of people in Gainesville that make a pretty decent living as beggars, and when I say decent living I mean these people have nice houses and cars. These people go out with shabby clothes and cardboard signs and pretend to be homeless, and rake up enough to live a middle class lifestyle through the charity of others. While you may say, "Great, people do give money to the homeless after all" that’s not the case. These people are not and have never been homeless. They are too lazy to get jobs so the run a scam of being homeless. This sickens me. They are tons of people in Gainesville who really need the money and charity and these people take that away from them. Not only do they take from the people who really need it, but because many people know about this scam we become hesitant to give money to those people on the side of the street, because we don’t know whether they are scam artist or really homeless. Sometimes these people are easy to spot, like the guy who stood on the corner of University and 13th avenue for months, but each week he had a different sign. Every week the sign had a different gross misspelling of "God Bless" and sometimes it was spelled correctly. Most of the time it’s not that obvious. It’s because we don’t want to support the homeless that we are "unfriendly" it’s because we don’t know which beggars are really homeless and we don’t want to give away are money to the fakers who probably have better houses than we do. I’d like to look into and write about this.

Environmental topic ideas

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Just wanted to let everybody know I’ve got a few ideas for contributions of my own floating around and wanted to run them by everyone.
I’ve already commented on the global warming thing, but I’ve been thinking even more into that. I’ve been thinking a lot about environmental hazards, especially trash dumping, and I’ve come to realize this problem is very very old. People have been making trash since there were people. I look at places like shell mound (a little archeological site near Cedar Key) and all it is is the big trash heap where some Native Americans dumped there food trash (oyster shells) over about two thousand years. In a study I’m involved in at church we’ve been talking about Gehenna (the contexts of the work "hell" in a particular scripture segment), Gehenna is the big old trash dump outside of some biblical town, like a modern day landfill. It’s been making me wonder, what the Gehenna (yes a very corny pun) are we suppose to do with all this trash? There’s burning and recycling these days but those don’t love all the problems. Recycling isn’t exactly convenient and many are a bigger environmental hazard if burned. And what about such time spanning warfare techniques as "scorched earth" especially when this was followed by pouring salt all over the area to make sure nothing ever grew there again. We seem to associate environmental problems with industry, but this stuff goes way back, and healing the earth is a humongous problem. I’m interested in doing research into this in order to figure out how regrowing the earth can occur.