Holidaze ’08

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Holiday Madness is here
Consume, consume, consume
Smash your way into Wal-Marts
Trample anyone in your paths
Grandmothers fighting in the aisles
Sucker-punching pregnant women
Greed compels us forward
Lusting after the next hot sale
The world is mad, compassion is dead
So grab your gun and credit cards
It’s time to go shopping!

New World Disorder

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This is the world
Bleeding in your hands
Blood ruuning through the sands
Most are already dead inside
With nowhere else to hide
The war on terror
Breeds more hatred
All of our souls are naked
Bodies burned under a dying sun
From our hearts hope is wrung
Many sad songs still remain unsung
We are waiting for the midnight glow
The anticipated explosions
Suffering pain until death
Waiting to take the last breathe
Fearing what lurks inside
In the darkness of our minds
There is no time like now
See how we all fall down
Drowning in fear and lonliness
While happiness slithers away
The snake that turned our world grey
Televised violence and madness
A blood soaked flag taunts us
Another symbol of our hypocrisy
One of the many lies we worship
While trying to forget the present
Haunted by the past and future
Living life within a dream


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Awaken from life
Begin a new dream
Another web, different flow
Eager to leave, happy to go
The soul is eternal
Higher powers exist
Transcend the fog of thought
Rise, through the mists of knowledge

I know my own hypocrisy
The lies I hide deep inside
Images I wish to display
My ideal self, wishes to be denied

Glory, the ego-beast
Kill all writers!
Insane hypocrites
Tear us down
We would be thankful
for such genorousity
Inspiring something…
other than suicide
Death comes for us all
Have no fear, when it one day calls
If you were always true to yourself
There is no danger in the journey

God Must Have Laughed

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The wheel grinds on
We exist in a madman’s dream
No one is left who can truly see
Immortality has become our greatest concern
We complain of our existence
The daze of self-awareness
We remain comical mortals
Brittle shells of our true selves
The great joke of the universe
Somehow, alive despite our best efforts
God must have laughed
when he realized what he made
We glorify our worst instincts
then wonder why we are alone
Do you really want to be a slave?
Life is fillled with paths to follow
We are free to make our own choices
Some seem to prefer to make life a burden
Filling themselves with worries and regrets
Forever repenting for imagined crimes
Our follies are comedic relief
We help keep the universe laughing


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American Madmen cackle in shadows
Planning our futures
It is a routine suffocation of dreams
Most are searching for the intangible
True love or the money to buy it
A warm body possessing false desire
It’s all you need to get through the day
Someone who loves your wallet tenderly
Who will be there when you need a blow job
Loves your decaying body as if you were real
An athlete in the prime of his passion
A politician at the heighth of his power
Any whims indulged, with money to spend
The great inequalizer; none the wiser
Misers store it away for a cloudy day
Some believe they are wiser for playing the game
Suddenly, there are insane ripples in the waters of rebellion
A few dissidents begin to see beyond the mind-rape machines
Inside dreams we have seen beyond the lies
Which have been disguised as the only true way

Bend in the Road

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Lost in the wreckage of life
I wonder where i turned wrong
Burn the river of dreams
Where I though I knew everything
Seeking solace in darkness
Joy in a true kiss
Consistency is brutal
Embrace the mad chaos
Face the turmoil of survival
Inside the beast’s arms
The wicked dandelion of dusk
Lusting after ruthless power
The fixated underachiever
Funneling wine from god’s vine
while reality becomes a lie


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When the world drags me down
I want to go underground
Find a new life
Leave behind my pain
Find freedom in the rain
Many faces I thought I knew
Now appear cold and haunted
Engaging in mind-sex
Your painful perversion of my being
My thoughts erupt between your thighs
Fly into the sky of my soul
We are swimming in dreamland
Waiting here for the dopeman
Any reason to stay sane
Maintain lost reality
I think we can get there
Escape this land of lies and despair
Searching in your clouds
Where would you like to fly?

Golden Time

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Embrace me freely
Allow yourself to care
Build a place for me
Inside of your heart
Carefully, taste me
The essence of truth
cannot be avoided,
ignored or lost
Hold me closer
Show me the light
The joy of being
The fruit of hope
Ripens in your arms
Disarmed by feelings
of indescribable happiness
This is the golden time
when joy and love are young

The Lost Ones

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Living to love
Loving to live
Forgive those lost
to addiction and fear
Hopeless and alone
Their futures unknown
They are looking for something
that cannot be found
Losing their hopes and dreams
wasting their precious time
Wandering their private hells
Bodies become worn-out shells
In the arms of the beast
they search for a release
Leaving sanity far behind
Reasons to care are hard to find
Walking backward and dreaming forward
Their lives may end alone and cold
Have mercy on the weak
They walk in the devil’s shadow
Unable or afraid to set themselves free

Love-Trip (2001)

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Fear strikes deep
Afraid to love
I cannot stop
nor take back the words
I wielded
with ungainly
I am feeling
Humble remorse
Strange inside
I haunt myself
A mystic soul-stealer,
Bold underachiever
to know beauty
Find the answer
to my longing
I must defeat myself
Free from chains of despair
I am an eternal dreamer
Quite used to loving thin air
I have been saved before by
rainbows on the verge of madness
Lonely kisses in the void
Illusionary lovemaking
High, on cushioning clouds
Floating together, freely
Until, I come down
Realize I am alone
The death of rainbows
and golden dreams
The moment I began to exist
I unraveled at the seams
I have fallen on my sword
Welcomed lacy, beautiful darkness
Oncoming bliss
Crushing desire
Lingering hope, somehow
Wandering corridors
of newfound awareness
I recognize
False sensitivity
Carelessness of being
I am floating, dreamily
Into passion….