Wassily Kadinsky

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Here’s a bunch of images I found on Wassily Kaddinsky. Don’t bother attempting to discuss them, the meaning is self-evident and I will naturally criticize your attempts at discussion.






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There’s been a lot of talk on truth and ‘getting at the truth.’ But what is it? And how does one realize or get at ‘truth’? Does it exist at all. Or does it exist only within the mind of the beholder? The earth was at one point flat. The earth was the center of the universe. These were true. So what the hell? How can we know anything at all if truth changes so much.

There seems to be a trend in post-modern thinking, "Nothing is true, everything is permitted." Is that the case? And how does that effect argumentative discussion? If everything is, in fact, permitted can we ever come to our own conclusions or logically refute those we disagree with? Or does coming up with our own conclusions become the basis for our own individual truths?

It appears within the discussions we’ve had on religion here, "these are my opinions of which I believe and if you don’t like them too bad," is a dominant stopping point for traveling too far into the subjective experience of the individual. Brushing aside, for a moment, philosophical fallacies such as argument from anecdote, how are we to logically have a discussion on say religion or linguistic theory when these beliefs are so held dear to us that they are "true" and to not understand how someone cannot see this "truth" becomes a dominant, and inherently anger inducing, problem.

Now I don’t want this discussion to fall back into religion vs. non religion, I’d rather have a discussion on what I set up in the beginning, what does it mean to say "this is true?"

Forum Topic Ideas

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How about a discussion on potential Topic Ideas. Weigh the pros and cons and potential discussion of such topics.
My vote: Art

Ideas for discussion within topic: Art mimicking life, how art effects understanding, art effecting reality, general place to post art one’s done. How about it?

Thread for links you think are really cool.

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Post any links you find interesting, inspiring etc. here. Feel free to discuss posted links.

"The Pale Blue Dot: The picture of Earth from 4 billion miles away. As told by Carl Sagan through some my favorite films set to the music of Mogwai."

Anarchism FAQ

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Here’s some dank info on Anarchism. It’s awesome. Check it out.