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Word up. So, my life has changed radically since my last post. I moved back to Tallahassee and decided to go to China. I am now in China teaching English at a private Language school. Of course I am writing though sometimes I feel too overwhelmed to get anything out much less organize it, edit it, and develop it into one piece.

Any tips are welcomed…where to start?

hi ladies and gents

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Christina here.
I am back in Tallahassee but unfortunately am leaving again in about a month and a half but where I am going I might have to become a secret writer, aka on the down low, but when I come back…oh man.


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We are compiling. I must have your work ASAP if you would like to be in the FIRST EVER PRINT EDITION of Everyday Adrenaline.
After all the writing is assembled it will be put into zine format and released to USF, FSU, UF, and the University of Miami.
I do not wish for it to contain mostly my writing and I would love to share your voice so send me your writing ASAP.


Just to give some ideas of desired text:
Human Rights
Creative- Poetry, Short Stories, lyrical essays, poet analysis or literary criticism, stream of consciousness prose
document discussion
Political analysis

you get the idea but feel free to expand

send to

come on! get excited!


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Tandoor Indian cuisine of Brandon Florida is kick ass.

Harnessing the Power of the Web for Change

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ok so this isn’t really news but still cool…

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you know you want to look

shit is in the works

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please don’t worry
but i need encouragement

ok guys this is serious

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business needs to take place here

Day Without a Gay Protest!!!

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Just got this message from the day without a gay protest group on facebook (

the idea is based on the day without a mexican protest.

Hey all,

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, is the day to "call in gay". There was a very short blurb in the Tallahassee Democrat on it today.
What the Democrat wire copy story DID NOT say…
If you are someone who really can’t stay off the job or out of school tomorrow….you can join those of us who are by wearing a knotted white ribbon (white=wedding, and "tying the knot"). When people ask, tell them why you are wearing it.
If you decide to skip school, work…or if you are a business owner, if you shut down tomorrow….let people know why. And then don’t just sit at home. Go do a volunteer project, and wear the knotted white ribbon (or something loud and proud).
Do NOT buy anything tomorrow. Shop, gas up, do whatever spending you need to do tonight….and if you are working tomorrow, pack a bag lunch and forego the coffee at the coffee shop.

Make an impact! love_unites.jpg (65.14 K) call_in_gay.jpg

Progressive Holiday Gifts

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Please add more if you know/think of them!!

Here is a wonderful service that I believe is affiliated with CREDO mobile, the mobile phone company that won’t give your information to the government and that donates to progressive causes and has set up progressive action networks with petitions and whatnot (I love them!).

You give someone a gift card for whatever amount and they get to go online and choose what charity(ies) to give it to.

You could also give your progressive friends and relatives a poster from the Beehive Collective, which are informative conversation starters. By doing so, you donate to this amazing project!

Then you also have the option of adopting a wild endangered animal in someone’s name. I almost did this for she-who-must-not-be-named last year, but she preferred an Alex Grey poster. Here is the defenders of Wildlife website

and there’s also the World Wildlife Federation

Actually, an Alex Grey poster is also progressive since you help build the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York (please someone take me there!!!). Or you could get someone a membership to the chapel. His art is uplifting and beautiful (especially if you’re tripping, holy SHIT!) and they do all kinds of great sacred art events, yoga events, full moon events, etc. as CoSM. Basically they are fucking awesome people, and I guarantee that anyone who enjoys the occasional psychedelic trip will enjoy the poster, as a tool and as a reminder afterwards. You can also buy his books, they can be up to $50 but with tons of his collected work which you will want to gaze at for hours time and time again.

HE HAS AN OBAMA POSTER!! want. only 20 dollars. come on someone :)

Another really important movement is the Handmade Movement. It supports individual crafters and artists. is a great site for this and has a lot of really fun stuff on it. YOu can find something for all of your friends at good prices on there.

You can also give the gift of Ironweed, the progressive film subscription. Then we can all watch them together!!

Please add more ideas! :)

Image is Alex Grey’s Gaia