direct action section

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I like the idea of putting your money into companies that stand for your values, and boycotting companies like nike and walmart who are evil. This is local direct action that we can all participate in. can we have a thread where we can put some companies like that?

so far i’ve mentioned the national green pages and the AAA alternative ( it would be nice if we could have a section to post good companies like this as well as bad companies and why they don’t deserve our business.

also, check out this progressive phone company and how evil AT&T is.

It can either be just economic direct action or all direct action, although most of the direct action i’m interested in participating in should NOT be posted about on the internet :)!

Progressive Film Club

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I almost just went ahead and signed up for this since it’s really cheap but is anyone else interested before I do?

Election section?

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For this year? It could be taken down later (or not)? Politics section maybe? Government is one thing, but…should election stuff go under that? Or maybe an election section in government?

another thought

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I read a lot about glbt issues, and I’ve posted some in psych and some in women, but it would be cool if there was a gay area. so add that to the petition area as an idea…also i had another…errrr…environment? oh! media. that would be a good one…i’ve been reading more on that on whooo!

Here is what is going on

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Here’s what we need done:

1. Student organization – reading over the requirements, we need at least 10 currently enrolled students (fsu) to register the org. I think that number includes the minimum requirement of two officers (pres and vp). This is a critical requirement, without the RSO, we can’t do any aggressive campus advertising, and we won’t have any form of meeting/event space otherwise.

-kyle I don’t think this info is correct, I am going to meet with them next week!

2. Site updates (front page) – We need a clear mission statement and action items, like telling friends, posting flyers, confirming their desire for membership in the RSO, etc.

-give us some ideas people!

4. Regular meetings – I (Kyle) think our biggest problem so far has been lack of discipline, so if we (the three of us at least) had weekly or bimonthly meetings it would help sustain some momentum.

5. Branding – Kyle is meeting with someone to work on the logo, and a concept/style for the site and any analog publications (print, flyers, tshirts, etc). He thinks we really need to have a consistent, professional look ASAP. It will assist in marketing efforts by making us look like we actually know what we’re doing.

6. Networking – we need to make solid connections with as many other organizations as we can. We need to make a list, get contact information and start pestering them, go to their meetings, etc.

7. Events – as soon as we can get our hands on a meeting space at FSU we need to start planning activities. I think running/sponsoring documentary nights would be really cool. Maybe once we get some more clout we can invite speakers and such, which would also be cool.

quitting smoking

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Today is my quit smoking day, set for the last month. We’ll see how that goes. i haven’t gone a day without a cigarette in six years, so anything is a triumph. doing pretty well so far, even though the patch i had waiting for this day fell out of my quit smoking folder. i go see Dr. Funk (i shit you not) at 1:30 so she’ll give me more.

If any one else is interested in being paid to quit smoking (and receiving for free the best preparation possible for successful quitting) call the Anxiety and Behavioral Health Clinic at 645-1766. I worked for them for a few years, they are good people.

so far, my carbon monoxide level in my blood has dropped to normal, and oxygen blood level has increased to normal. in one day, my chance for heart attack will decrease, and in two days (this is exciting) nerve endings start to regrow and ability to taste and smell is enhanced. HUZZAH!

um, i’m supposed to tell you these things below. don’t laugh. well, you can, since i can’t see you. you can apply them to friends and lovers who are quitting smoking too, or ask them for their own input on how to best support them. Social support is pretty crucial.

Supportive Behaviors:
1 not letting me buy/accept/ask for cigs
2 suggest distractions/reward me for getting over cravings (i love hugs!)
3 remind me of reasons i most want to quit (paying bills on time! saving money for festivals and travel and things i want/need! not having raisen face like the ladies we work with! being in shape! not hacking up all internal organs when i hit the GB!)
4 going places that are not smokey bars with me

Nonsupportive Behaviors:
1 offering me cigs, asking if i want to go on smoke breaks
2 smoking in my car or house
3 nagging, blaming, accusing
4 um, i dunno, blowing smoke in my face

Many smoker friends I’ve talked to about the program have been into quitting (esp the getting paid part) so we can brainstorm ways to help each other.

I’ll be
-trying not to be a complete bitch (my b!) and
-exercizing constantly (be my gym/walk/run/tai chi buddy) and
-doing crafty things (embroidery, making clothes, stenciling and wheatpasting, random hippie/primitive crafts i learn from magnolia school, anything interesting anyone tells me about) and
-taking guitar lessons for cheap and learning spanish while driving around town/with my mom and
-volunteering at a couple of places around town (so far looking at Refuge House, CARD autism center, Magnolia School; if you have any other ideas or volunteer with a place that needs help, I’m game!) and
-hitting up the library to apply for grad school and
-kayaking and camping with hippies (huzzah again! i’ve finally entered the old tallahassee hippie dimension, and oh, it’s as wonderful and knowledgable as i’ve always known it would be!) and
-doing all those sweet outdoors things the area has to offer (the hippiefriends know all) and
-watching awesome movies borrowed from patrick and rachel and everyone who has any awesome movies to loan me and
-reading my little heart out in the sun so i can take all these books to the paperback rack and
-CLEANING OUT MY HOUSE. come get clothes, books, and random knick knacks and trippy toys and a shower curtain? and lots of towels, and everything all my friends left me when they left town and i stayed here
-anything else fun or active or beautiful or helpful that anyone wants to tell me about

SO if anybody wants to be my buddy for any of that, that would be tiiight…even if you smoke :)


whoops! gender

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for the choose gender part of the profile you only have male and female
you should probably have other or something too, for our trans and intersexed friends :)
this has been your friendly neighborhood laura, keeping it inclusive with the sex and gender
ok for now

an idea

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i’m always getting all these petitions to sign- i just signed one to protect baby seals, but theyre usually related to women’s rights and treatment, LGBT issues, drug policy, animal rights, consumer protection, torture, environmental concerns, media…wow that’s a lot! after you sign them they usually ask you to forward them to friends, but i don’t know any email addresses except my sisters and we get all the same action alerts. i could post them here if there was a thread? thoughts?

We have a flyer!!

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Who wants flyer duty. Give me the when and wheres and I will give you the paper!!!
Yo derangedmilk did you say you could print off lots of copies somewhere???


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