hi ladies and gents

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Christina here.
I am back in Tallahassee but unfortunately am leaving again in about a month and a half but where I am going I might have to become a secret writer, aka on the down low, but when I come back…oh man.

ok so this isn’t really news but still cool…

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you know you want to look

shit is in the works

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please don’t worry
but i need encouragement

Day Without a Gay Protest!!!

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Just got this message from the day without a gay protest group on facebook (http://fsu.facebook.com/event.php?eid=32387329669)

the idea is based on the day without a mexican protest.

Hey all,

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, is the day to "call in gay". There was a very short blurb in the Tallahassee Democrat on it today.
What the Democrat wire copy story DID NOT say…
If you are someone who really can’t stay off the job or out of school tomorrow….you can join those of us who are by wearing a knotted white ribbon (white=wedding, and "tying the knot"). When people ask, tell them why you are wearing it.
If you decide to skip school, work…or if you are a business owner, if you shut down tomorrow….let people know why. And then don’t just sit at home. Go do a volunteer project, and wear the knotted white ribbon (or something loud and proud).
Do NOT buy anything tomorrow. Shop, gas up, do whatever spending you need to do tonight….and if you are working tomorrow, pack a bag lunch and forego the coffee at the coffee shop.

Make an impact! love_unites.jpg (65.14 K) call_in_gay.jpg

ok i talked to kyle

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he said don’t worry. lol, and i was like, the gov the gov is out to get me AHHHH. my bad, obama is going to be prez, they wouldn’t be after me, i want change for the better, freedom, universal human rigths, and such, all the things that old leader seemed to lack a desire in, but now, oh now, maybe i won’t have to be paranoid about having a revolutionary magazine/website.
it will be a better safer world, we can all hope
sry for the scare,
what’s with people hacking though, seriously, isn’t there any respect?

we got hacked from washington, does this alarm?

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so i did a search, it was from washington

Is Moderator: Yes (not changeable, this user is an site (super)administrator)

and now they are a super admin to OUR website


that is the email, i am too scared to email

CPE FSU organization information

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"…We also have two events coming up. The first is almost a week away. Two speakers from the Colombian food and beverage union will speak about the repression of workers and communities at the hands of paramilitary troops contracted by the Coca-Cola corporation. We think it’s important for students, faculty, and communities members to be aware of these atrocities in light of FSU’s contractual connections with Coke. The event is on Wednesday, Oct 8th at 8pm in SSB 219."

"Later on in October, we’re excited to bring back the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (www.ciw-online.org) to talk about their new campaign against Chipotle and Subway. Now that McDonalds’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King have all agreed to pay their famworkers 1 cent more per pound of tomatoes picked, as well as sign an agreement condemning modern day slavery, the CIW is working on getting Chipotle and Subway to agree as well. The event is on Monday, Oct 20th at 8pm in BEL 102. The CIW is also interested in doing some classroom presentations. If you have classes on Monday or early Tuesday with professors who would be willing to let the CIW do a short presentation at the beginning of class, please ask them and respond with your class day, time and room number."

in an email

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You can find a copy of this list and archived editions at
New/Changed items indicated with =

item 1 Eternal Capitol Peace Vigil Sunday & Thursday

=item 2 Green Drinks 27AUG2008

item 3 Florida’s First Mass Anti-War March to Prevent War with Iran 30AUG2008

=item 4 LABOR DAY PICNIC 01SEP2008

item 5 JOHN McCUTCHEON 07SEP2008

=item 6 Unitarian Universalist Art Show and Sale 14/20SEP2008

item 7 International Day of Prayer for Peace 21SEP2008

item 8 Rock the Vote 2008

=item 9 1 Million Doors 20SEP2008

item 10 School of the Americas 21-23NOV2008

item 11 Tallahassee Food Not Bombs 26JUL/02AUG2008

=item 12 APOYO NETWORK Water Drive August 2008

=item 13 linked items of interest at least to me

item 14 Removal and Submission Instructions

Free Web Listings for your activities

sorry I have been away

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please don’t hate

Submit writing and such with the submit button

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First edition coming soon! Get on it ladies and males.