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I happened by chance to find this guy, he has some pretty interesting things to say. i thought people may find inspiration at his site. so check it out and share your opion and lets see what spawns from it..

anybody out there?

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post some writing, people!

Potluck for core members

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The brilliant idea of us all getting together for a dinner party exploded in my skull this fine evening.

so let’s have a potluck! let’s decide on a time, place, theme, etc. It’ll be good times.

Email me your articles or creative writing!!!

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Thanks guys!

This is serious news!

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We are accepting articles now even though the site is still under construction. It will be a smoother process soon but for now just post them on the forums in the appropriate category. The ball is rolling people.

I see

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Tips and Tricks: Posting videos

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Everybody who’s posting videos should try to use the video posting buttons:


Just click the button and put the video id between the tags.


Youtube video link:

The part after ‘v=’ is the video id, so to embed it I would click the Youtube button which will show (using square brackets ‘[]’ instead of curly braces ‘{}’):



Now just place the video id between the two tags like so:



And now the video is embedded:

Welcome to the new forums!

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Welcome to the new forums everybody!

This version is integrated into the main site and looks a little prettier. There will soon be a whole lot more stuff going on in the main site and around here in the forums, so stay tuned.

Have a look around and make sure everythings working alright. Leave a post here if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Welcome to the Everyday Adrenaline Forums!

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Welcome to the Everyday Adrenaline Forums!

Hello eveybody! Its great to see so many people on here already after only a week!

I’m Kyle, and I’m your friendly neighborhood webmaster. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this site, feel free to email me, private message me, or post a topic about it. This site is going to be in a state of flux for the next few months, so things may not work and stuff may disappear. Just watch your step and let me know if you have any problems.

You’re all probably wondering where we’re going with this project so I want to briefly share my vision for Everyday Adrenaline with everyone and get your opinions on it.

My goal with the zine and this site is to create a compelling, collaborative, mixed-media publication that reaches out to the idle minds in our community and engages them with ideas and issues that affect us all. Our scope is limitless but the motivation is singular: make people think and give them the knowledge and tools to take action and make a difference in the world. This site will be the first of those tools. It will enable the growth of a diverse, global community for sharing, connecting with, and creating ideas in all forms: text, images, video, and audio, etc. It will also be the nexus of a bottom-up collaborative publishing community driven by small-scale local publishing groups. The idea is that anyone will be able to share their content with this virtual community and if its catchy enough any number of local publishers may decide to print it and share it with their real communities. With this model we can publicize ideas and issues to the general community and at the same time provide a local perspective and engage readers with their local community.

Will this idea come to fruition? Only time will tell. With a little dedication and effort of like-minded individuals we have the potential to revolutionize both the print and web publishing models and bring knowledge to the masses and get them off their asses!

Anyways, thats my little rant. Expect several more iterations over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’ve got this site to build and I’ll update you all as I make progress.