i am sorry i have been so absent

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it is not because i do not care

ok i talked to kyle

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he said don’t worry. lol, and i was like, the gov the gov is out to get me AHHHH. my bad, obama is going to be prez, they wouldn’t be after me, i want change for the better, freedom, universal human rigths, and such, all the things that old leader seemed to lack a desire in, but now, oh now, maybe i won’t have to be paranoid about having a revolutionary magazine/website.
it will be a better safer world, we can all hope
sry for the scare,
what’s with people hacking though, seriously, isn’t there any respect?

we got hacked from washington, does this alarm?

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so i did a search, it was from washington

Is Moderator: Yes (not changeable, this user is an site (super)administrator)

and now they are a super admin to OUR website


that is the email, i am too scared to email

fyi: upgrades

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found another platform to build the site on. has many of the features i was trying to implement myself but failed at miserably. so i’m going to be migrating the site over the next few weeks. the migration will likely require everyone to reset their passwords so i’ll be sending out a post to the mailing list whenever its ready. i don’t think there will be much downtime but you should see an offline notification if there is. the new site will hopefully feature forums, profiles, buddy lists, blogs, story submissions, multimedia, digg style frontpage with voting/ranking, blah, blah… the platform is pretty featureful so i should be able to make something pretty sweet, will let you guys know when a test site is ready for all y’all staffers to try out

check out media responsibility in society forum

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does this tell you in any way what i am trying to accomplish? it should.

Is there any way

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that by following the link in the email, we can automatically be logged in? it takes a lot longer when you have to navigate back to the front page, go through the two pages that you see when you log in, and then navigate back to the article which might not be on the list on the front anymore so you have to dig for it. people might reply more often if it wasn’t so convoluted.


CPE FSU organization information

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"…We also have two events coming up. The first is almost a week away. Two speakers from the Colombian food and beverage union will speak about the repression of workers and communities at the hands of paramilitary troops contracted by the Coca-Cola corporation. We think it’s important for students, faculty, and communities members to be aware of these atrocities in light of FSU’s contractual connections with Coke. The event is on Wednesday, Oct 8th at 8pm in SSB 219."

"Later on in October, we’re excited to bring back the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (www.ciw-online.org) to talk about their new campaign against Chipotle and Subway. Now that McDonalds’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King have all agreed to pay their famworkers 1 cent more per pound of tomatoes picked, as well as sign an agreement condemning modern day slavery, the CIW is working on getting Chipotle and Subway to agree as well. The event is on Monday, Oct 20th at 8pm in BEL 102. The CIW is also interested in doing some classroom presentations. If you have classes on Monday or early Tuesday with professors who would be willing to let the CIW do a short presentation at the beginning of class, please ask them and respond with your class day, time and room number."


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this has happened to me twice now. I just wrote a really long hilarious post becausei was picking out my favorite comments on an article and when i posted it, it told me guests cant post- it had logged me out. can it wait a little longer for that or something? i used to stay logged in all day and that was much better because i didnt have to log back in every time i wanted to post something.

FUCKING SHIT!!!! i am not writing that damn thing again.

My Protest Article I just posted

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we need this book for community organizing

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I’ll keep it short… There are only a few people left that understand what community organizing is and still participate in it. If you’d like to learn more I suggest reading "Roots for Radicals." The work that community organizer do is both valid and vital to the democratic process and embodies the principals of civilized society and social responsibility. So… for all of you out there that are carrying on the tradition (intentionally or unintentionally)… I appreciate your work… not with respect to its utility as a talking point… but with respect to its utility in making a difference in people’s lives.

Geoffrey Bakker wrote
at 8:00am
so sad that it will die the political death of so many other positive rhetorical techniques and relational strategies…

David A Montez wrote
at 10:10am
I would also suggest Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Fortunately, community organizing is alive and well…unfortunately it’s not in the United States. During the "third wave" of democratic transitions there was a big push for civil society development especially from US academia and political development firms. Too bad we can’t get some of that development programming right here at home.

unngh! this book looks awesome…want…someone buy it and let me borrow it!