fyi: upgrades

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found another platform to build the site on. has many of the features i was trying to implement myself but failed at miserably. so i’m going to be migrating the site over the next few weeks. the migration will likely require everyone to reset their passwords so i’ll be sending out a post to the mailing list whenever its ready. i don’t think there will be much downtime but you should see an offline notification if there is. the new site will hopefully feature forums, profiles, buddy lists, blogs, story submissions, multimedia, digg style frontpage with voting/ranking, blah, blah… the platform is pretty featureful so i should be able to make something pretty sweet, will let you guys know when a test site is ready for all y’all staffers to try out

Is there any way

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that by following the link in the email, we can automatically be logged in? it takes a lot longer when you have to navigate back to the front page, go through the two pages that you see when you log in, and then navigate back to the article which might not be on the list on the front anymore so you have to dig for it. people might reply more often if it wasn’t so convoluted.



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this has happened to me twice now. I just wrote a really long hilarious post becausei was picking out my favorite comments on an article and when i posted it, it told me guests cant post- it had logged me out. can it wait a little longer for that or something? i used to stay logged in all day and that was much better because i didnt have to log back in every time i wanted to post something.

FUCKING SHIT!!!! i am not writing that damn thing again.

My Protest Article I just posted

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user removals and adrenaline mailing list

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if you pay any attention to the user count shown on the forum page it went down by about 16 users. there were a number of users which were registered by spammers. thankfully they never logged in and didn’t spam us. there were also a few test accounts that i had created which i got rid of.

noticed all that because i’ve finally updated the mailing list. if you’d like to send a message to the list, send an email to it won’t go out to everyone until i approve it. let me know if you have any problems.

dear kyle

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i couldnt post this video under matt lauer and al roker rhythm gymnastics under humor.


what if

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what if we sent an email to all of the people who are listed with us to remind them that we are here?

my sister went into labor

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8 pounds 5 ounces and b-e-a-u-tiful!

so jen

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want to hang tonight
you liking laura’s posts??
miss you


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Here’s what we need done:

  1. Student organization – reading over the requirements, we need at least 10 currently enrolled students to register the org. I think that number includes the minimum requirement of two officers (pres and vp). This is a critical requirement, without the RSO, we can’t do any aggressive campus advertising, and we won’t have any form of meeting/event space otherwise.
  2. Mailing list – I have a mailing list up and ready with all the current site members. I think we need to put our heads together and get some updated content on the front page before we send out anything. Wouldn’t make sense to send anything to the list until we have something on the site for them come and see.
  3. Site updates (front page) – We need a clear mission statement and action items, like telling friends, posting flyers, confirming their desire for membership in the RSO, etc.
  4. Regular meetings – I think our biggest problem so far has been lack of discipline, so if we (the three of us at least) had weekly or bimonthly meetings it would help sustain some momentum.
  5. Branding – I’m going to try meeting up with James to work on the logo, and a concept/style for the site and any analog publications (print, flyers, tshirts, etc). I think we really need to have a consistent, professional look ASAP. It will assist in marketing efforts by making us look like we actually know what we’re doing.
  6. Networking – we need to make solid connections with as many other organizations as we can. We need to make a list, get contact information and start pestering them, go to their meetings, etc.
  7. Events – as soon as we can get our hands on a meeting space at FSU we need to start planning activities. I think running/sponsoring documentary nights would be really cool. Maybe once we get some more clout we can invite speakers and such, which would also be cool.