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amazing artist and my teacher!

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Banksy Pet Shop etc

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This is a cool idea: switching out boring street tiles for sweet ones in Sweden.

Also this: watch the video. Banksy is probably the best known street artist in the world. Here is his first installation, and of course it’s trippy and disturbing (my favorite!)

Scroll down to check out more, I love the grape bunch!! ludopariss.jpg (100.99 K) chicken1_thumb.jpg

Junk Mail Portraits- gorgeous!

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i want to make some!! john_lennon.jpg

Down the Rabbit Hole. The sexy one.

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i want this.

Flowers in Natchez

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I guess file this under art- gardening is art, right? Apparently there used to be a Men’s Camellia Club that my great uncle was a part of. Green Leaves is the house my family owns in Natchez, Mississippi, home of the most millionaires in the country pre-depression; Ruthie is my mom’s oldest sister. During the spring, the camellias are everywhere, the garden drips with them, their petals carpet the entire area.

Also, can we take a moment to imagine how different it must have been, back when men were part of camellia clubs and people planted flowers to show status? i guess they probably still do the latter, i just fortunately don’t know rich people with status (we lost our fortune in the crash and depression; nuns burned down our castle on the hudson next to the rockefellers (eh?) except for one tiffany stained glass window in a museum somewhere). um, i’m kind of glad i didn’t live then (especially when i put on the dresses and frills and frumpets they wore, jesus) and that i don’t have to worry about all of the things that money and heritage brings now. like debutant balls and good matches. shudder.

Alliance works to preserve camellias

By Adam Koob | The Natchez Democrat

Published Thursday, July 24, 2008

NATCHEZ — To the list of rare treasures unique to Natchez, add flowers — specifically the camellias.

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the Great American Gardens Preservation Alliance were in Natchez scouting out rare breeds of camellias.

The alliance, formed in February, is a group devoted to cataloging and propagating ancient and historic cultivars of camellias and azaleas.

The terms ancient and historic are used as time references in the dating of camellia varieties.

Ancient refers to plants planted before 1900 and historic is used to mark plants planted between 1900 and 1960.

Alliance member Tom Johnson said while Natchez has unique azaleas, it has approximately 30 cultivars of historic camellias not found any place else.

And Johnson would know, he and fellow alliance member Miles Beach, both work for Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in South Carolina, the oldest public garden in the country.

At Magnolia, Beach is the director of the camellia collection and Johnson is the director of horticulture and facilities.

“It’s like a race against time,” Johnson said of collecting the different varieties.

Johnson said collecting the plants is the only way to guarantee some of their futures.

Some are so rare, he said that a single freak occurrence, like a hurricane, could wipe out an entire cultivar.

“They’re worth holding on to,” he said.

The two men were in Natchez this week collecting cuttings — called scions — of camellias to bring back to Magnolia so they could be cataloged and re-grown.

The re-grown plants will be sent to other alliance members to be raised.

On Wednesday, Beach and Johnson were at Green Leaves, a private home with an extensive collection of historic camellias.

Beach and Ruthie Coy, whose family owns the home, walked through the garden collecting clippings of rare camellias that will be taken back to Magnolia.

But a walk through the garden at Green Leaves garden is not a typical stroll — it’s a walk back in time.

Coy said her grandfather, Melchior Beltzhoover, planted most of his camellias during the 1920s.

The reason — he was part of a men’s camellia club in Natchez.

“At the time that was that was the thing to do,” Coy said.

The garden is mapped out with a grid, and each plant’s name has been recorded along with its location in the garden.

And if it all seems like a bit much for flowers, Johnson said camellias are not thought of today as they once were.

Johnson said camellias were once mostly grown by society’s aristocrats and were a status symbol.

They were so sought after that two groups generally cultivated the flowers.

Johnson said the well-to-do would grow great amounts of the camellias; the second group grew considerably less.

Johnson said the captains of ships that imported the plants would normally keep a few for their wives.

“They would just plant three or four around their houses,” he said.

But unlike a captain’s wife the camellias at Green Leaves were all meticulously recorded then planted.

So popular that detailed records were kept to trace the linage of the plants.

Johnson said there are plants at Green Leaves, some planted in the mid -1920s, that can be traced directly back to Magnolia.

Beach said the garden at Green Leaves is the most well documented garden in the city.

“It’s a treasure,” he said. [oh thanks, thanks]

And that might be the best way to envision what Beach and Johnson — go on treasure hunts.

Johnson said by the end of 2008 they will have visited every botanical and public garden that could potentially have the rare flowers.

“At that point it becomes a seek and find mission in peoples backyards,” Johnson said. hs_camellias220.jpg

Access to Life: A Powerful Exhibition.

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trying not to cry at work :) I’m so glad this is being done.

In Access to Life, 8 photographers capture 30 people around the world before and four months after they gain access to antiretroviral treatment for AIDS.

to be a compassionate photographer…ah.

oh, and yes, bush and all politicians SHOULD have to see this exhibition before voting on PEPFAR. and yes, it is wonderful that these people are getting treatment, but imagine if these cases of AIDS had been prevented in the first place. Free condoms for everyone! Pellegrin_1-1d224fda62ed2ffc149a189a2f4c9052.jpg

A Rant About Technology: Ursula Le Guin

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I absolutely adore Ursula K. Le Guin, and plan to have all her wonderful works available to my children (currently trying to buy and distribute them throughout my friend circle- the books I always buy for boyfriends and girlfriends are Days of War, Nights of Love by crimethinc and The Dispossessed and The Left Hand of Darkness by Le Guin). She writes beautifully and regularly about sexual fluidity and moving beyond gender roles, and about environmentalism sown into the roots of societies that she creates (also about societies where this isn’t necessarily and naturally interlaced with everyday living, ahem).

I know that she doesn’t necessarily like to be quoted elsewhere besides her site. So in fact, I believe I’ll just link to her site. But I wanted to comment "Exactly right, thank you!" so badly that I had to disseminate.

Here is something intriguing that she’s written, sort of a critique of a review that says that in the book I’m reading now, Changing Planes, technology is avoided.

I first discovered Le Guin looking through a list of the supposed greatest sci fi writers of all time (yes i wrote them all down to take to the used book store whenever i went, i’m a nerd). She was one of the only women on this list, so of course I was intrigued. Although she avoids this point in her ‘rant,’ it does not surprise me that her writing is perceived to be less technologically based (which as she makes clear, is a product of this hi/lo technology false dichotomy). As she makes clear, nothing could be farther from the truth. Her books tell of a wide variety of technologies that could be, showing how they are integrated into a thousand different beautiful societies that she has created. The technologies she speaks of may be considered primitive; but not only are they the basis of existing technologies, they are generally FAR more sustainable, earth friendly, and mindful, than, for example, our current earth technology. This is the most important part of the technologies that she speaks of, to me: they bring us closer to the planet that we live on, closer to our natural surroundings. Science Fiction with amazing, futuristic, whooooooo! technology, as much as I love it, rarely takes any of this into account as far as I’ve read.

Just some thoughts :)

Also read Ursula Le Guin, you’ll never look back. I’m tempted to travel to Portland to see her speak somewhere, as she is my last living hero-author.

I’ve been dying to read more of her articles and books (I may slip out to the bookstore and Obama quarters right now!). Here is her website where she lists comments and books liked (awesome! I wonder what K.V. and HST’s fave’s were (besides goddamn hemingway)):

and her official site: ursuka_narrowweb__300x431.jpg

Nas hating on Fox News

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love it.

hmm apparently bill oreilly and nas have had words before…


So we look at what’s going on — this as an EXTREME aggression, um
I’m also hearing about it from EVERYWHERE!
It’s-it’s on the islands, it’s on the continent, it’s here: it’s everywhere!
And this is, if you will, a WAR — An all out assault by…

[Verse 1:NaS]

The sly fox
We locked
In the idiot box
The video slots
The Waco Davidian plots
They own YouTube, Myspace
When this ignorant shit gon’ stop?
They monopolizing news
Your views
And the channel you choose
Visual cancer
The eye
In the sky
Number five
On the dial
secret agenda
Frequency antenna
Doctor mind bender
Remote control
Your brain holder
Slave culture
Game’s over
What’s a Fox characteristic?
Slick shit
Pimp the station
Over stimulation
Comcast digital Satan
The Fox has a bushy tail
And Bush tells
Lies and Foxtrots
So I don’t know what’s real


Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Big Brother is watchin’

Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Fox 5 is watchin’

[Verse 2:NaS]

The Fear Factor got you all rattled up
O’ Reilly
Oh really?
No rally needed
I’ll tie you up
Network for child predators, settin’ ’em up
Myspace pimps, hoes, and sluts
Ya’ll exploit rap culture, then ya’ll flip on us
And you own the post, and ya’ll shit on us
What is they net worth?
They gon’ try to censor my next verse?
Throw ’em off the roof neck first
While I’m clicking my cursor
Reading blogs about the pressure they put on Universal
It gets worse while I’m clicking my mouse
While they kickin’ my house
They figured us out
Why a nigga go south
It’s either he caught a body, no sleep they watchin’!
I watch CBS
And I See B.S.!
Tryin’ to track us down with GPS
Make a nigga wanna invest in PBS


Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Big Brother is watchin’

Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Fox 5 is watchin’

[Verse 3:NaS]

They say I’m all about murder-murder and kill-kill
But what about Grindhouse and Kill Bill?
What about Cheney and Halliburton? (Halliburton?)
The backdoor deals
On oil fields
How’s NaS the most violent person?
Ya’ll don’t know talent if it hit you
Bringin’ up my criminal possession charges with a pistol (pistol)
I use Viacom
As my firearm
And let the lyrics split you
Who do you rely upon?
They shoot shells at Leviathan
I’m dealing with the higher form
F**k if you care how I write a poem?
Only Fox that I love was the red one
Only black man that Fox loves is in jail or a dead one!
Red rum
Political bedlam
Don’t let the hype into your eyes and ear drum
Murdoch on Fox
Not 18 with Barracas
And he hate Barack cause
He march with the marchers


I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth.
Not the biased truth
Not the liar’s truth
But the highest truth
I will not be deceived
nor will I believe
In the Propaganda
I will not fall for the Okey-Doke
I am tuned-in


Watch, cause they’re watching
Watch what you’re watching

Better watch, cause they’re watching
Watch what you’re watching

Misleading ya

Watch what you’re watching [img size=814][/img]

Croad’s radical art! is so amazing!!

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i thought i recognized her style- a few years ago FUQT (florida united queer and trans) used one of her images for their flyer (to great effect, in my opinion). Take a look at some of her drawings here :) croadmilitarism.jpg