Tell WEF to eradicate poverty through Microfinance

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Ask the World’s Economic Leaders to Make Microfinance a Focus

In January, the world’s economic leaders will gather at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2009 to discuss the current financial crisis. This meeting is a powerful opportunity to advocate for those hardest hit by the crisis — the 3+ billion people around the world currently living on less than $2 a day.

Microfinance provides the world’s poor with the tools and resources they need to permanently lift themselves and their families out of poverty. But there is an urgent need to expand these services as microfinance is currently reaching only 10-20% of the estimated 500 million poor entrepreneurs who would benefit from it.

Please join us in contacting the Forum’s Co-Chairs by January 21st, to urge them to promote and prioritize microfinance at the upcoming conference and help eradicate poverty.

Please fill out the fields below to sign the petition to the WEF Co-Chairs today.

There are a lot of really cool programs where you can lend $25 to someone who is attempting to set up their own business and then they pay you back within a few years! Helping and making a little money too! Google Microfinance. It’s especially great for women.

Support Newsweek Debunking Biblical Gay Hate

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Newsweek published an article Debunking the biblical argument against gay marriage. Read it here.

You know christians and their grassroots outrage campaigns! (Thanks for making them spend all that money to just NOW decide, years later, that the FCC won’t fine anyone for showing Janet Jackson’s left nipple on TV for two seconds. You totally saved the world there.) They’ve already written newsweek 20,000 emails opposing this article. Please show them that there are thinking people out here and that we support their journalistic integrity. I mentioned something about how it restores my faith in a magazine that had lost credibility for me, and that they wouldn’t be losing any business because none of those email writers read news anyway.

Click the link below to send your opinion.

Tell Obama to Close Guantanamo!

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Clean Water Restoration Act

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The Bush administration has sided with corporate polluters and stripped vital protections from the Clean Water Act. As a result, the water supply of over 110 million Americans could be tainted with dangerous pollutants that harm our health. The Clean Water Restoration Act would ensure that waterways and wetlands are kept free of contaminants. The League of Conservation Voters is giving you the opportunity to express your opinion – ask your Member of Congress to support the Clean Water Restoration Act today.

Save our Oceans!

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Thanks to folks like you we have collected about 5,000 notes to the Bush administration in our campaign to stop overfishing. We will deliver those comments on Sept. 22.

We’d really like to double that number and deliver 10,000 comments. To protect our oceans — from the red snapper in the Gulf to the cod off New England, to the endangered Pacific leatherback turtle and the right whale — the administration needs to hear a resounding cry from concerned folks from all across the country.

If you sent a comment already, now is the time to send this e-mail to a friend. If you didn’t send a comment, please get yours in today!

Our oceans expert, Mike Gravitz, tells me that he just got off the phone with the Fisheries Service. They said they are getting lots of comments asking them to weaken, not strengthen, the overfishing rules.

Those comments are coming from industrial fishing interests and their allies. We don’t want our side to be drowned out in this debate.

Our vision for a healthy ocean ecosystem includes vibrant populations of marine mammals like whales and dolphins, large numbers of sea turtles and sea birds, and plentiful fish and shellfish — a balanced ecosystems managed for sustainable fishing.

The fishing interests would rather keep oceans at the very edge of what industry scientists say is sustainable — an unbalanced ocean with depleted populations.

Make your voice heard today, before this opportunity passes us by!

Thanks for making it all possible.


Margie Alt
Environment America Executive Director

P.S. There is still another day or two to get your comments to the Bush administration ready for delivery. If you’ve already responded, thanks so much for your efforts. We couldn’t do this work without you.

Restore the Clean Water Act.

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read more at above link.

Everyone likes to have clean water!! I think it’s probably something you don’t think about until you don’t have access to it. I can’t imagine. But we might be able to one day…

SlowFoods Declaration!

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yay i love them!

Save the Endangered Species Act

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For more than 30 years, the Endangered Species Act has protected wildlife at risk of extinction. Now the Bush/Cheney Administration wants to make some serious changes to this landmark law — changes that would eliminate vital checks and balances that are crucial to protect our wolves, polar bears and other imperiled wildlife.

Speak out now for polar bears, wolves and the nearly 1,400 species currently protected under the Endangered Species Act! Fill out the form below to urge your U.S. Representative and Senators to do whatever they can to stop this eleventh-hour assault on protections for our endangered wildlife.

We’ve provided some text below to help get you started, but personalized messages will be most effective. Please be sure to include any personal…

* Education or special expertise on wildlife
* Experience that informs your opinion
* Beliefs that shape your views on protecting wildlife 24777.jpg

Tell News not to spread Fox’s lame Obama smears

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there’s a video showing them at the link; here’s the text:

The FOX smears are continuing and we need to stop them from spreading to the rest of the media. Watch FOX’s laughably inaccurate distortions, as they smear Barack Obama on everything from the economy to race to patriotism to flag pins.

In the coming weeks, FOX will escalate its gross misrepresentations of Obama, and we know from painful past experience that some in the corporate media will spread FOX’s canards by presenting them as fact. We must stop the spread.

Now that you’ve had the chance to watch we need you to make sure everyone else sees the distortions as we work to stop them. Sign our petition and demand FOX stop serving up blatant lies for the rest of the media to swallow. It’s critical that you send it to everyone you know, get it to your local newspapers and TV stations, and post it on blogs and networking sites.

This is a game show because satires sometimes can be a powerful weapon. Let’s use it to make sure the media know that when it comes to Obama, The FOX Is Wrong!

election reform petition from independant movement

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check it out!