Darling You are a Feminist

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Darling You Are a Feminist

Everything is in another answer
There is no other question
Who is doing the asking
Who is defining your moments
Who is shaping, cutting, carving
your psyche, gray matter folds
your interior heart
your manifest mind

Who tells you how to be a girl
a boy
Who identifies the enemy for you
or your protectors
Are you the one who decides
when is it fair, when is it moral
when you should play with a Barbie

What is a feminist
Do you really need equal pay
Are you a sexual object
Why do you want to please men
Who taught you that you have no rights
that you should stay home and clean
that you are nothing but a baby machine
Who demanded you be subservient and not run for office
Who said it is impossible for you to be good at math or science
Who said you should be a nurse instead of a doctor
Who told you that you can’t be an astrophysicist

Why do you want to play house
to get your paycheck from a husband
Why do you want to be a child in your own home
Why do you say you aren’t a feminist
Who told you feminism is an ugly word

Darling if you want to vote then you are a feminist
Darling if you want to attend university and have a job then you are a feminist
Darling if you do not want to be raped, objectified
have your genitals mutilated, then you are a feminist
If you want the right to determine the path of your life
Darling you are a feminist

The moon is behind us

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It is illuminating the sky
But we don’t look back
We watch the pebbles aground
as we meander on a forgotten
shore of plunder, piety unfound
You look like Santa
Why do you do that?
I will never understand
your hidden groves and orbicular

Danger is a masked friend
that goes to all the most-fashionable
ladies gallerias
She marches in with her bell-shaped dress
sashaying tether and thither

We live in a glass globe
The outside is dust-covered
mourning because no one looks
All are living and breathing inside
stuffed in bags with polyurethane
Taped for transit
alcoves brimmed with masters
lurking in the seaside-caves

Where do you get your Eve’s Ale?
Must you go bucket in hand to the well
Sliding the rope through your balmy fingers
See the shinny trickle and think
Life blood, circulating
How underappreciated are the elements
They follow fast-sucked down drains
Oil residue transcendence, naught
Sludge underground, visits the rat army
Flaked with soot from centuries of soil
Cataclysmic doom….
She smiles on, momentarily forgetting
Or accepting her fate

Corpsicle Star

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Lick remedy from your finger
Doesn’t it taste pleasant?
Like retinal strain and phony compliance
Chunks of non-dilutable coffee powder
Sticking to your murky brow
Flecks of undiscoverable asteroid
Exploding in your intestines
Bleeding dark matter into your emotions
Head slumped you face an evaporating void
Floating in space, dying to crumble, contract
Schism into non-existence
But it isn’t your choice to be or not
What occupation is worthy of
Undesired flesh?

vague spray

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I have the moon but not the sky
I am the yoke without the egg
I have the sparkle but none of the star
I have the diamonds in your eyes
They are in my pocket

I can take it all away from you
I can hear nostalgic tunes
And turn them into smells
Atrocities beckoning from past shores
We cannot wash away the sand
In our bellies and under our noses

All inclusive love munch
Bunch them all into one
Bouquet of candy tantalizing
Rusted roses
When you don’t want other people
Ever to see your groove

The fire is rising, bons usher in death
And reviving of the soul
The non-existent human essence
Lies in what we create
Calamity manifesting in circles
Under your eyes
And on your pillow
The soft one you call honey

She can’t make you
She can’t make you come
Trapped and deflated
But it is looking up
Under dawn, laying in a circle
Fumes of synthetic life
And nodes of rhythm
Fixate, under your night shade

supression of…

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The arc of your dress
The shape of your body
Your mind pressing into me
Sweat, muscles, pumping
Tiring, drenched
Stupid people, always the
Stupid people
And your stupid jokes that…
Aren’t funny and no one…
Laughs, foolish girl.

There is a room waiting, where
A clown sits on a wooden
chair. Dressed up in rainbow
Wig, big red nose, blue laced up boots
Green smile and purple eyes.
Smug grin, no one can see anything.
Like looking at a flower and…
Saying it’s a star. Seeing a star.
What are you doing here? My vase
Is….lacking fundamental material
To hold a star up.

Speaking, chatter, inhale, exhale
Swarming of words, social interaction.
Pulsating with weighty meaning.
Flexing in and out ignore all.
Lose track, get micro, then macro.
Fall into your own mind, thoughts, be…
Trapped, never can you get out.
Don’t listen, cringe, hide, turn away.
Create utter oblivion; it isn’t so hard.
Already, that is all that exists.

All you can do is be quiet, stop the
Internal beast, the one that
Forces you to see what there isn’t
To create what their shouldn’t, needn’t be.
Analyze, strategize, paint, morph, melt. Die.
See it all, understand little. Choice
Of destination, choice of vision. Twilight
Midnight, stars or Hills, tumbles
Or careful precision. Everything
Mixed, one global pot, eat from all.
Impossible to try the complete magnitude
Always your senses will not be enough.
Choose your sight, mind’s eye, third reckoning.

Ceremonial garments of silk, amber lace.
Beauty in ritual, cloaked, strangled
Cut off from other races, set apart
Differentiated, pooled into a mould.
Do you fit your dress? Too tight?
Restriction is the name of the game.
I told you you would never get out.
Dose on drugs, delight in new sight
New sight. Old sight, new sight.
All questions crowding around your head.
Will satisfaction ever be granted?

Make a list of all your life’s catastrophes.
Frame it; put it on your wall, in the living room.
Don’t hide your fate, fate is what has happened
And what is left to be seen.
See more, put more up.
Put up what you don’t see.
See what you want. Make it appear.
There can be no mistake.
Determinism, free will, existentialism
Choice no choice.
Little girls, with gold on, jewelry, ready to be
Put to market; here come the men
Now to buy, enslave, rape, spread
Her legs, a quiver, the both of you, for
Two different reasons.
Sick pleasure and sick suffering.

Does life take revenge on the savage?
Who will get bitten back, will we
All suffer? From top to bottom, in
Out, all. Is forgiveness sweater still?
A flower ripped out still plants its seed.
We will grow, revenge may occur,
Serenity never sown, False pretences
Love only a fog, mystery with great remorse.
The water moves, cool, blue, wet
Splashing, spraying, rising, diminishing.
One sun one moon laid to rest
It is good night; all is dark, no stars
For our eyes can no longer
See the light.

We crawl on the beach, winged crabs
With melting thighs, soaked in butter sand
Grilled up, tossed, left out of cages.
We know not where our wings went.
We know not that we had wings.
Fried blue crabs, coddled till death
The whole world is a bubble
Earth is a self-sustaining statue
Of ever fluctuating stone, lava
Growth. Cerebral perception
Limited by the cerebral. Nobody knows.
Nobody cares. Give me my money;
Give me my food, house, let me have
Babies, the opportunity to earn in
Blindness, shrouded with bitter spurts of
Happiness, clarity or confusion
Just let me be.

Central Pooling

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The sprinkling fire coming from my pores
Speaks of unrequited majesty
Bleeding green ooze followed by
Bone deterioration and weakening ores
Cells struggling under tar pulling
Dying arms and fists up into the air
Emaciated little bundles of flesh
Too dull to snap falling back
The earth confiscated what was once
Flying around mazed and incomplete
Oily rainbow pool at the center
Rippling out reverberating endlessly
Never reaching another entity


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I can’t care
I don’t want to
I wouldn’t dare
If I didn’t love you
But what am I to do
If I can’t have you
Because you are such a big fucking prick
But you aren’t
Am I?
But who am I to decide that

You are you I am me
But you fucked around
You made a fool of me
But I don’t care so much
About being a fool
Just that you thought
You could love another

Shouldn’t I just break
Surge through
Find something anew?

I can’t get fast enough away from you
You rot my brain till nothing remains
But an empty skull
Aching in misery
You scooped it all out of me
Everything that held you there
You fawned on another
Thought you not mine
Fuck that I say
I cannot heal
Rather I just ban you to the side
Out of sight
Where you will become just a
Hopefully fond memory

You are sweet
But you make me sick
I love you
But I can’t imagine how
Love must be so great
I must be good at it
Many have tried and failed
Will that be your fate?

All over what?
A wondering EYE
A healthy lust
Not calling me

I refuse to care
Because it makes me crazy
And despite what some think
I don’t like to be too crazy
Just a little
Is nice

What have you done to me?
Made me a horrible evil mockery
I don’t know my place
I don’t know my mind
All I do is search you out
To find your hidden love
That you only give me

So what do I do?

For potentially nothing to come?

No, that is not my fate.


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You swirl in your color
Bright lights and shinny music
With your hair down
Like boys can do
Not just you
And you make your happiness
Not set out for two

You have it all alone
And unto yourself
Where am I
Alone in my house?
Absolutely not
But it feels like it

Who could you be?
Cept’ not the person I see
Confused and in
To the unearthed truth
That you are not mine

When will I realize?
Will time keep marching on
Without that burst of
Will you keep using me
For what I am not
And only to you seem?

Everyone else knows
I am me
But you think
I am yours for
You will destroy me
Alone forever into fire
The fire that springs up
At your death

And where are you now?
Not with me
Somewhere else
Somewhere in infinity
Making juice with others
I am out in the cold
I have found no other home
Where are you?
Not in my bed
Not in your home
Just in my head
And out fucking alone
With tons of people

How can I not mourn you?
How can I find the place
In my head where
It is ok to live without
I don’t know if that place
But it must
Because I was me
Before you

So what
Should I stray
But I can’t kill you
I don’t even want to try
You will always be
In my mind’s eye
I cannot unclench my hands
Though they are turning red and white
With effort and failing strength

I am spinning spinning
About to vomit
Regurgitate the slim
Of my

American relationship.


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Forget this
I have no time
Not for you
Not even for me

I will go far
Very very far
And all will be
Without the need
For forgiveness’ deed

You will stand
Alone on a hill
And wonder oh
What I will do

You say
I have no light
In my heart
I am dead matter
Without a soul
Some mere energy
That has fallen away
From you

I cannot come
I cannot go
There is nothing
To do
But see and play
Which we will do

But when shall I kick
From beneath
The tear filled bag
I am holding back
It will drown

Then there will be no worry
Between you and me
All will be free

time march

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The sprinkling fire coming from my pores
Speaks of unrequited majesty
Bleeding green ooze followed by
Bone deterioration and weakening ores
Cells struggling under tar pulling
Dying arms and fists up into the air
Emaciated little bundles of flesh
Too dull to snap falling back
The earth confiscated what was once
Flying around mazed and incomplete
Oily rainbow pool at the center
Rippling out reverberating endlessly
Never reaching another entity

Under the opaque surface she finds nothing she could have expected. Massive whales pushing against each other fighting for breath, wiggling like giant worms rubbing their ridges together, spurting slightly. Loud cries you can feel inside.

Where is the gold loopy music, the sound of people waltzing and laughing merrily? They all have homes and sometimes it takes a carriage to get to them. Wicked table cloths with silverware and people playing piano and string instruments, shuffling feet and speaking beneath their words, in and out, growing hair and nails until the insufferable moment where they pass away, and now they are in only movies, like in that jungle where the natives live, dancing around fire with the fireflies all around, the sounds of crickets and something roasting over the in ground grill. Screams of women being raped.

Moonshine brewer off at a distant alcove on his acreage, filled with trees hundreds of years old, next to a small body of water where the air is damp and the ground is moist, sweat beads up on your face and you can taste the green around you, mixed with fresh dirt. Walking out of the wood into a night air where beauty is all around you, diamonds in the sky, quiet wood structures and even a fragrant flower here and there, amongst the fleets of wild flowers on the outskirts, connecting one future road to another. The innocent scent of cow manure must be coming from the west skirted with barbed wired future fences.