i don’t even know what to say about racist monkeys

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If they didn’t see it coming…

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how can they bail us out?


Gays are more dangerous than terrorists!

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God i hope she’s wrong and most americans do not think this way….but even if they do, let’s go with the AMA and APAs. Go to link to see article with exerpts and TV videos.


Collection of racist comments from Fox News online

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Updated: The Factor has turned their attention away from attacking Daily Kos over and over again so that Bill O’Reilly could embark on a sick crusade against the Huffington Post over anonymous comments posted on Arianna’s blog. BillO had his team of producers harassing her at the Take Back America conference yesterday before she went on a panel. You know, coming after her, yelling, “why do you allow these to appear on the HuffPo?” Well, with billions of dollars at NewsCorp’s disposal, what’s Ruppert Murdoch’s excuse for these kind of posts to find their home on FOX, Bill? From this post:

Comment by THayne843

March 19th, 2008 at 5:57 pm

Wow! Jan L. nailed it right on the head! Reparations? I’m waiting for my thank you! You blacks would be naked and eating bugs if it weren’t for white people. Name ONE successful society started by blacks. Any sign of civilization in Africa was started by Europeans. Any city in America with predominately black leaders is a cesspool. Look at New Orleans, Philadelphia, D.C., Detroit…

Comment by David Tucker

March 19th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

I am sooo tired of hearing how the black man has been mistreated since he was shipped over here to help build America! All I hear is them groveling over being victims.
They are the ones making themselves the victims with their attitude that whites owe them something for bringing their ancestors to the best country that has ever existed. All my life I have only witnessed the blacks with their hands out to the government expecting it to give them everything they want and shouting racist if they don’t get it! No wonder most whites have the opinion that blacks are worthless, lazy sloths who know only how to make more babies and steal everything not nailed down. Barak Lenin Obama, the big eared Muslim, is only fostering this “wo is me” attitude with his obvious prejudices. I, for one, like my white race over that of any other, so does that make me a racist? I don’t thing so. The black man will not break free from his self-imposed shackles until he picks himself up, dusts himself off and begins to provide for himself just like every other race has done who came to this country. Before the blacks can do this, however, they have to rid themselves of the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Farakan, and the good reverend Wright.

Pretty insane comments. H/t to Mike who alerted me to this and as he pointed out from FOX’s rules:

please note that all comments are moderated and therefore may not appear immediately after submission.

So these were deemed acceptable? Most liberal bloggers with open comments try their best to weed out horrible anonymous comments, but we miss some. If we had millions of dollars at our fingertips to hire a huge staff to make sure outrageous stuff never appeared then they probably wouldn’t. Now that FOX News is sanctioning them, I guess the media will consider it a non-issue. What say you, BillO?
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