Darling You are a Feminist

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Darling You Are a Feminist

Everything is in another answer
There is no other question
Who is doing the asking
Who is defining your moments
Who is shaping, cutting, carving
your psyche, gray matter folds
your interior heart
your manifest mind

Who tells you how to be a girl
a boy
Who identifies the enemy for you
or your protectors
Are you the one who decides
when is it fair, when is it moral
when you should play with a Barbie

What is a feminist
Do you really need equal pay
Are you a sexual object
Why do you want to please men
Who taught you that you have no rights
that you should stay home and clean
that you are nothing but a baby machine
Who demanded you be subservient and not run for office
Who said it is impossible for you to be good at math or science
Who said you should be a nurse instead of a doctor
Who told you that you can’t be an astrophysicist

Why do you want to play house
to get your paycheck from a husband
Why do you want to be a child in your own home
Why do you say you aren’t a feminist
Who told you feminism is an ugly word

Darling if you want to vote then you are a feminist
Darling if you want to attend university and have a job then you are a feminist
Darling if you do not want to be raped, objectified
have your genitals mutilated, then you are a feminist
If you want the right to determine the path of your life
Darling you are a feminist