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How many brothels are in London? Why must police need performance incentive to take action against criminals? Why do people continue to find historical slavery appalling yet at the same time ignore modern day slavery? Why do people remain indifferent while millions of women, men, and children are suffering? Why is there such a lack of awareness about the issue and scale of human trafficking? If millions are forced into lives of degradation, who and how many are the people forcing them into it? Why would authorities and common citizens turn a blind eye? With so much sexual exploitation of women and children we must ask, what is happening with men? Why are men desirous of these types of actions? How many men are aware that so many prostitutes in brothels are actually being held against their will?
Men make the excuse that they didn’t know the women were being forced into this position, but this is a falsity…for there are men who, when with a prostitute sexually abuse and even kill the prostitute, certainly they know a woman would never willingly subject herself to this abuse. Then we must consider those men who capture the trafficked women, who force them into captivity and who rape them repeatedly before the women, or children, are even put into the market. These men do not care about the physical well-being of the individual woman or child; they do not care if she is in pain. They only think about their desires for sex, power, and dominance; what is causing the world to be riddled with these types of men? What is causing men to become like this? What makes men so bad? What makes people in general bad? What social constructs are being instilled that cause people to form behavioral tendencies that endanger others’ human rights? Where does this horrid lack of empathy come from? How are men able to be violent without for one instant sympathizing with their victim?
UKBA believes those trafficked are there by choice instead of forced and exploited.

“anti-slavery legislation aimed at requiring companies with turnovers above £100m a year to publicly disclose the efforts they are making to ensure that their supply and product chains and business practices are free from modern slavery.”
March 10, 2013